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Her eyes burned intensely, searing painfully into his heart, like the cold glistening steel, of a well-honed dagger.  Her pursed lip smile, betrayed her melancholy feelings of conquest, while her tangled brown locks, flowed wildly in the wind. 

He had adored her like no other.  Letting down his guard, completely against his better judgement.  He threw all caution to the wind.  She stole his heart and soul then cast him away, out on his own.  After enduring all that he could bear, he found himself

giving in to the tide,
                                                              riding the waves,

                                                                                                                  drifting away…

Cover Art


Drifting Away

Hello can you hear me, calling out your name?
Hello are you near me, I need to see your face.
You strung me along, like a tugboat to the barge.
When I dropped the anchor, you unfurled the sails and sailed away.

Giving in to the tide, Riding the waves, Drifting away.

Hello won’t you answer?  I dialed your number twice.
Ignoring advances, you’re all I’ve got in life.
I offered you treasures, threw caution to the wind.
You stole my heart and soul; then cast me away out on my own!

Giving in to the tide, Riding the waves, Drifting away

Copyright 2017 Mark Ruester

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October 12, 2017
Digital Only
Mark Ruester
Fher Funk

Keyboards, Electric Bass,
Percussion and Vocals

Alto Saxophone

Electric Lead Guitar