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Left: Adeline & Chessie

Top Right: Mark

Bottom Right: Greg
Founded in 2011 by Mark Ruester, Mimes On Rollercoasters™ is an independent alternative rock band.  Drawing on influences from Yes, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, and many others; Mark’s compositions often stray somewhere near the outer fringes of the “norm”. Yet there still remains a hint of familiarity in the 1970’s-80’s feel that resonates in much of his music.  Supporting Mark musically is his old friend of many years, lead guitarist Greg Teresi. On flute is Mark’s daughter Chessie and alto saxophone Mark’s daughter Adeline.

In the early days of Mimes On Rollercoasters™, Mark’s emphasis was primarily on writing concept albums based on two young mimes named Marcel and Mimi, who met and predictably fell head-over-heels in love.  In those days each album was accompanied by a short-story, which followed their adventures.  With their fourth album “Rock it!”, the aging rocker's musical interests turned away from Marcel and Mimi's life and more toward his life in middle class America, with “an eye to the sky”, as Mark’s fascination with Space exploration became ever more evident.

Departing from the concept album format, in 2017 Mimes On Rollercoasters™ began to concentrate primarily on singles.  With the release of the singles: “Ellly May’s Private Zoo” and "Drifting Away" a new friendship was formed with artist Fher Funk who was commissioned to illustrate the cover art.  To quote Mark, “Fher's illustrations bring Mimes On Rollercoasters™ music to life in a most vibrant visual sense, and we are very fortunate to have made his acquaintance”.

As 2018 wound down, album number five "genre: Unknown" was released.  Another departure from the past, this album was a compilation of new music and previously released singles, both live and unplugged mixes, from Mimes On Rollercoasters™ roots.

For several years after the release of "genre: Unknown", life happened. New music would take the back seat and have to wait for the right time.

Then in 2022, as the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to be finally winding down, Mark again found himself back in his studio producing singles.  Late in May of 2022 the releases began with the somewhat autobiographical "My Busy Day" and culminating with the seasonal release of "A Cup Of Christmas Cheer".

January 2023 marked a new beginning for Mimes On Rollercoasters™ with the announcement of a new concept album in-the-works. Although it was many months out, Mark was again back to writing concept albums. As 2023 turned into 2024, eleven new songs developed into the August 1st, 2024 release: Playing Out Of Time. An obvious play on words, the album focuses on Marcel Mime, The Man, The Myth, The Legend. A Victorian age inventor, ladies man, and all around man of the world. This one is sure to secure Mimes On Rollercoasters™ a spot in modern day Steampunk history.
Mimes On Rollercoasters™ Flute: Chessie Ruester
Mimes On Rollercoasters™ Alto Sax: Adeline Ruester
Mimes On Rollercoasters™ Man Behind The Mimes: Mark Ruester
Mimes On Rollercoasters™ Left: Adeline Ruester - Right: Chessie Ruester
Mimes On Rollercoasters™ Lead Guitar: Greg Teresi
Mimes On Rollercoasters™ founder: Mark Ruester